Social Ministry in Moldova Division

Social Ministry has expanded the directions, methods and forms in Moldova Division. “Heart to God, hand to man” – these words of the founder of the Salvation Army, William Booth, acquire new horizons every day for the Salvationists of Moldova due to the war in Ukraine.

Today this work is diverse:

  • Humanitarian assistance to refugees from Ukraine;
  • Providing clothing and footwear;
  • Providing hygiene products;
  • Providing food;
  • Providing bedding;
  • Financial support with vouchers;
  • Providing school supplies for children.

Also, within the framework of the Social Ministry, Salvationists in Moldova Division involved in:

  • Providing assistance to the elderly people;
  • Organizing feeding people in the Social Canteen. For many people in need, this is a huge help and support;
  • Visiting families with children in villages;
  • Provide assistance to people with disabilities;
  • Emergency Relief Program established;
  • Dorcas’ Adopt a Granny Program;
  • Mobile medical clinic is running.

Social Ministry in Moldova is provided by the forces of the Salvation Army in volunteers of the Division.

Their hard, dedicated work is the guarantee that many people, who require attention and support, are not abandoned or forgotten. Also, everybody needs to feel protected in this difficult time for everyone. Salvationists and volunteers in Moldova Division are those people who are the first to take on people’s life problems. As a result, many people receive social assistance and services. Hope for justice comes as a part of such support.

Social ministry in Moldova Division resonates with the Call of William Booth:  “While women cry, I will fight; While little children are starving, I will fight; While men go to prison, get out and then return to them again, I will fight; As long as there is at least one drunkard, as long as there is at least one poor lost girl on the streets, as long as there is at least one dark soul without the light of God, I will fight – I will fight to the very end!”