Ukraine Division supported women on deoccupied territories

Ukraine, Chernihiv region, one of the villages near the border with Belarus.

Ukraine Division became aware of some number of mothers with children in that area who desperately need help. That is why our officers and volunteers have been to that village recently to deliver some goods to the people in need.

On February 24, 2022, Russian troops massively invaded the peaceful life of Ukrainians through that village, as it is only 800 meters away from the neighboring country Belarus. Our officers and volunteers met Alina, a 38-years-old mother and grandmother.

The story of this fragile and always smiling woman, who almost single-handedly takes care of her younger son and grandson, deeply touched our hearts.

“This war took away a lot of my relatives and friends, – Alina tells us, smiling through bitter tears. – The war took away my brother, my son-in-law, took away the normal life of my family. When my son-in-law died, something broke so unexpectedly and strongly in my daughter’s soul that she left her 5-month-old baby Sonya and moved to another city.

A year and 3 months have passed since then. My granddaughter lives with me, I take care of her and all the time I’m waiting for her mother to return to us!”

Alina is married, but since the beginning of the war, her husband is at home only a few days per six months. Lots of worries and hard work fills Alina’s life, but she perseveres: “I get up at 5 o`clock in the morning because I need to fill the stove and heat the house before I wake my son up for school and the food must be prepared in time while the fire is burning, because I won’t be cooking all day.”

There is no gas in the village where Alina lives. In peacetime, this was not a problem, because everyone used electricity. But last winter, when due to shelling and bad weather, there was no light in her home for several days, this brave woman had to look for a way out. And she found him!

Alina quickly runs to the yard and shows us what she was doing: “I took an iron can, threw a little paper and a twig into it, and that’s how I heated Sonia’s water for milk formula. That’s how we lived.”

The Salvation Army helped Alina with clothes, diapers, food kits, gas cylinders with tiles.

Alina was very happy: “Now I can prepare and reheat food for children without any problems at any time! It is very important for us. It makes life easier and invigorates the spirit. Thank you very much for your understanding, support and help!”

Not only Alina received such kits, but also four other young mothers from her village.


The help provided by The Salvation Army in Ukraine gives such families hope and confidence to live on and raise children.

Thank you for all the help that The Salvation Army provides in Europe and around the world. We are thankful to all the people around the globe who support us in any possible means during such a difficult time for Ukraine.