Chernobyl Catastrophe Happened Thirty-Five Years Ago

Today, April 26, is the International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day, the largest man-made environmental and humanitarian catastrophe that occurred on April 26, 1986. A day that shook the whole world and changed people’s attitudes towards the use of the peaceful atom, a day that changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, changed the[…]

40 Days of Prayer

It’s been three years since we arrived in Moldova to take up our appointments in Eastern Europe Territory.  We had no idea what lay before us but we trusted in God for His leading, direction and protection.   We have had opportunities to meet the amazing people that live in the countries that make up the Territory and have also witnessed God’s presence in the lives of[…]


IN readiness for The Salvation Army’s 2021 International Day of Prayer for Children and Youth on Sunday 28 March, a wide range of resources and activities has been made available online. The special occasion – held on the fourth Sunday in March every year – is marked around the Salvation Army world and provides a focus for[…]

Lieut-Colonel Richard Borrett and Major Elena Cotruta discuss Territorial Strategic Plan

Lieut-Colonel Richard Borrett, Chief Secretary of the Eastern Europe Territory, and Major Elena Cotruta, Territorial Secretary for Program of the Eastern Europe Territory, explain the General Provisions, Objectives, and Directions of Spiritual Work of The Salvation Army Eastern Europe Territory Strategic Plan. May God lead us for the next 5 inspirational years with our moto[…]

Wish Tree

From December 1st to December 31, 2020 you see the extraordinarily decorated Christmas Trees in the branches of East Point and Tbilisi Mall as well as Carrefour. The little ones’ Christmas wish cards, instead of baubles, decorate the Christmas tree twigs. This is The Salvation Army Social Project on Christmas Season. Wish Tree or as[…]

Three Days and Four Stories In the late Friday evening in a small kitchen, The Salvation Army officers and the soldier, Levan, Nino and Pavle are getting ready for the night trip to Tbilisi. Nino is taking care of the meal while Capt. Levan and Pavle are dividing the hot mean in the containers. There is also a huge thermos filled with tea. The car is loaded, and the rod leads us to Kote Abkhazi Street. As Major Nino explains to me, they know the homeless people in this trajectory as they got meal the first place every night in previous years. It is already ten years The Salvation Army volunteers’ takes turns at nights to carry out daily night meals in the cold streets of the city.[…]