World Refugee Day concerns Ukraine

Today is the June 20th, the world community celebrates International Refugee Day, established by the United Nations to highlight the problem of refugees around the world. It is celebrated annually on June the 20th.

On this day, we honor the strength, courage and resilience of people who have been forced to flee their country to escape conflict or persecution.

Until now, refugees are one of the biggest problems in the modern world. There are currently tens of millions of refugees and internally displaced people on the planet.

The international community is consolidating its efforts to alleviate the plight of these people. Established in 1950, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is now a central international agency working to address this challenge.

Recently, Ukrainians have become refugees, saving their children and themselves from the horrors of war, with almost 6 million Ukrainians leaving their homeland.

This is a photo, a drawing by a Georgian artist and a sculpture by Transcarpathian sculptor Ivan, a five-year-old Ukrainian boy, crying near the Medika checkpoint at the Polish border, holding
a bag of toys and some sweets. Photo by CNN correspondent Josh Campbell tore the hearts of millions of people who were shocked by a frightened, tired, shocked child. He left Kyiv after losing contact with his parents and traveled thousands of miles on his own. He was alone, ahead of the adults, but he was not alone, because ordinary people passed him from hand to hand until he reached Poland. Until recently, Ivan, like many children in Ukraine and in the world, had a home and a normal childhood.

The boy himself has already become a hero of drawings about the realities of the war in Ukraine. The picture was painted by Georgian artist Nancy Woland – on the poster the boy carries in a package of “hope” against the background of the harvest and the starry sky in the colors of the flag of Ukraine. According to the artist: “I didn’t know how to put all the evil and sorrow of this war in one photo, but this morning I came across a video of this baby,” the artist wrote on Facebook. won the Living Heritage Events anniversary cup in London.

Mr. Gleba donated his prize to the needs of the Armed Forces: the purchase of protective vests, telephones and solar power plants, first aid kits and dry rations for soldiers, who must do everything possible to prevent children from crying, losing relatives, their homes, do everything possible for the future. . Children need to grow up happy and do children’s things.

This story has a happy ending – with the help of volunteers, the boy found his parents and is already safe.

This day is a statement of fact: wars on earth do not stop. It is also a statement of international agreements on which the protection of refugees and respect for the resilience of the spirit and courage of refugees around the world are based.

All Divisions of the Salvation Army of the Eastern Territory united to help Ukrainian refugees with practical actions and provide spiritual assistance to people, healing the wounded by God’s word, because the Saviors are bearers of spiritual values under the slogan: “Heart to God, hand to man!”

Author: Ivan Berezkin