Talents as fuel for movement

Words by Colonel Jostein Nielsen.

In his beautiful song “All that I am”, Bill Himes prays: “Take every passion, every skill, take all my dreams and bend them to your will” (1). In this sentence he touches three of the four important factors influencing my movements as a disciple of Jesus: Passion, Skills (or Talents) and ‘Dreams and Will’ which are part of my personality

It is interesting that Jesus did not seem to be very concerned about talents when he called his disciples. He seemed to be more focused on “availability” than anything else. Discipleship is primarily a call to follow after him. Availability was the ‘talent’ the first twelve disciples had in common; availability was the common factor for the workers in the parable of the vineyard (2). 

But when availability is announced, like Himes does in his song: “My all I give, Lord, for you I’ll live, Lord, come what may” (1) – God wants us to use all our talents to spread His love.

My greatest desire is to see people saved through faith in Jesus Christ. This can happen in many denominations. However, one of my reasons choosing The Salvation Army is because it gives me an arena where I can use all my talents. 

I have some small talents in many areas. I love to write, and I have been trusted with opportunities to do so. I love to play musical instruments, and in The Salvation Army I have had almost unlimited possibilities of using my limited skills. I love languages and I have been sent to places where I have been able to use languages I did not think would be within my reach to learn. I love to use tools, build and repair properties – and guess what… yes, of course it has been useful. I love to be with people and share thoughts and life with them…. The list is long. Fortunately in God’s kingdom one person does not need to do everything himself because he is part of a body of believers with extreme reserves of talents. 

Do you think that the boy who placed his five loaves and two fishes in the hands of Jesus had foreseen what was going to happen? (3)  Neither should you judge the value of your talents before you place you place them in the same hand. 

‘Manna’ for tody:

Do it – and be surprised by God!

(1) Link to the English text HERE – Youtube
(2) Matthew 20:1-16
(3) John 6:1-13