Scout Movement Leaders Meeting in Moldova Division

Moldova Division held a fruitful meeting and training for the Leaders of the Scout Movement. As Robert Baden-Powell said (the founder of the Scouting movement): “The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.” Namely, Leaders of the Scout Movement teach children the commitment to this statement by their example of sincere service to God and people. Leaders teach young people and children not to be afraid of difficulties, conduct practical and theoretical classes in many areas – from lighting a fire and cooking to providing first aid, and the knowledge acquired in the winter in buildings will soon be able to consolidate the knowledge in tent camps during summer holidays without the usual comfort learn to be independent and listen to the opinions of others.

We pray for a happy future for children in a kind, just world. May Lord bless Salvationists in Moldova Division for their ministry; and the young scouts in their desire to explore the world through their all-round improvement for the development of their country where all people will be happy and safe.

Words by Ivan Berezkin

Eastern Europe Territory