Reimagining of International Women’s Ministries to Start with Live-Streamed Launch Event

A CALL for The Salvation Army’s worldwide ministry to women to be fit for purpose for the 21st century is being addressed through what has come to be known as the ‘Reimagining’ of Women’s Ministries. A launch meeting on Wednesday 12 February at International Headquarters in London, led by the World President of Women’s Ministries (WPWM) and World Secretary for Women’s Ministries (WSWM), will challenge Salvationists and friends around the world to consider what could be done for and alongside women and girls in their own countries and communities.

The meeting, which will be live-streamed, will include the announcement of the new International Women’s Ministries vision statement and the unveiling of a new International Women’s Ministries logo.

The launch comes at the end of a time of research, prayer and planning that has its roots in the last High Council, in May 2018, when Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (WPWM) shared the vision that God had given her for Salvation Army Women’s Ministries.

She told High Council members that Women’s Ministries should:

  • Have a Christ-Centred Focus – winning women for Jesus, providing holiness, spiritual growth and the development of teaching skills.
  • Be Relevant, with an Authentic Focus – providing programmes, meetings, events and resources that are relevant and purposeful to the lives and needs of women today.
  • Have a Social Justice Focus – engaging women in identifying and participating in conversations, meetings and events regarding social justice issues in their communities.                                                                          

As well as the unveiling of the new logo and vision statement, the launch meeting will feature examples from around the world of how Salvationists are ministering to women and seeking to meet today’s needs. New social media channels will provide the opportunity for women around the world to share in inspiration and support, providing a network of prayer and awareness.

Reimagining photographic exhibition will also be launched on the same day, featuring photos sent in as part of a worldwide competition. The exhibition, in the public Gallery 101, contains images that demonstrate the power of God’s women working together in his name.

Commissioner Peddle says: ‘We believe this is only the starting point of an even greater expedition that God is going to reveal in ministry to women and young girls.’

Report by IHQ Communications
International Headquarters