The love of Christ, which penetrates through people into this troubled world is the light that helps to survive physically, emotionally and spiritually

Ukraine…explosions, fear, cold, despair, pain, tears, hunger, confusion, sadness, rage. Ukraine is filled with all of that. Every centimeter of this land is “burning” – somewhere like in Bakhmut because of fire, somewhere like in Mariupol from sheer horror, somewhere like in our Dnipro from a hole the size of the lives of people who[…]

There is still a threat of death over us today, but am not afraid, as I know that God holds us in his hand

Well before 24 February, all my colleagues and acquaintances, from Ukraine and abroad who are confident in politics and are connected to different authorities, were saying that the war is going to start in Ukraine. My friends from different parts of the world tried to convince me to take my family abroad. But we decided[…]

Territorial Day of Prayer for the Ukrainian People February 26 2023

“From the ruined cities and villages, covered with the fragments of a once peaceful life, prayers flew like alarmed birds, begging for protection for the children, elderly, relatives and friends… Insightful and fervent prayers rush to heaven – “Lord, help!” Brave, persistent, desperate and incredibly strong; frozen with fear, vulnerable, those who do not stop believing[…]

The triumphant return of “The Schedryk ” to the USA 100 years after the premiere

“Let the Christmas star Light up faces with joy, Let him show the way to love May you be happy and healthy!” These were the words of the host of the concert, Hollywood actress of Ukrainian origin, Vira Farmiga, in Ukrainian language, which opened the concert called “Notes from Ukraine” on December 4 in Carnegie[…]

A time of grace in a war-torn territory

Captain Svetlana Bochkareva is the corps officer at Pesochin, a suburb in Kharkiv, Eastern Ukraine, only 40km from the Russian border. This city has suffered relentless missile strikes, drone attacks and shelling since the Russians invaded Ukraine on 24 February. Critical infrastructure has been destroyed, and much of the city lies in ruins. Thousands of[…]

International leaders support ‘faith and courage’ in Eastern Europe

The love, joy and shared faith of the people of the Eastern Europe Territory (EET) was evident throughout the visit of General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World President of Women’s Ministries) 6-10 October, in Chisinau, capital of Moldova. Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine make up the EET, with headquarters in Chisinau. The[…]

Ungheni corps officers Majors Eugenia and Gheorghe Roman hosted the leaders

The unity and faith of officers, soldiers and delegates from the diverse nations of the Eastern Europe Territory (EET) was evident as they arrived in Chisenau, capital of Moldova, and met up with each other – many for the first time in four years. As reunions took place throughout the day, the international leaders General[…]

The long-awaited moment has arrived!

The long-awaited moment has arrived! The Salvation Army’s international leaders, General Brian Peddle and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, landed tonight in Chisenau, Moldova – headquarters of the Eastern Europe Territory (EET). Major Galina Burlacu and Maya Butrimova, in national dress, presented the leaders with the traditional Moldovan welcome gifts of bread, salt and grape juice. Officers, soldiers and[…]

Children’s Ministry in Ukraine Division

The Salvation Army in Ukraine conducts Children’s Ministry in conditionally safe cities because Ukraine lives in war conditions. This is very necessary for both children and parents. It is one of the peaceful life attributes that sustains childhood. Children and young people draw, play sports, sing, dance, and attend interesting excursions. Bright colors began to[…]