International Volunteer Day: World Leader of The Salvation Army Gives Thanks

General Brian Peddle

GENERAL Brian Peddle, the worldwide leader of The Salvation Army, has released a tribute to the many thousands of volunteers who serve others through the movement in 131 countries. Marking the United Nations annual International Volunteer Day on 5 December 2019, the General shares a personal message of thanks to those who ‘wake up ready and willing to say “yes”, no matter how small or great the task’.
In the short film, the international leader reflects on the diverse ways in which volunteers meet human needs without discrimination.
‘With your heart of service,’ he says, ‘you are preparing to stare down injustice and bring healing and hope where it is needed most.’
The General references fires, floods and storms that have affected parts of the USA, Caribbean and Australia in the past twelve months. ‘When natural disasters strike, you are willing to drop everything and mobilise to help,’ he says. ‘You responded, and you did it in so many beautiful ways … showing the care and compassion that people desperately needed.’
The message also highlights work being undertaken by trained volunteers in the United Kingdom. ‘Resolute volunteers,’ says the General, ‘giving up their sleep to urgently and carefully transport survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking, getting them to safe houses and helping them to start the healing process.’
‘Thank you for playing your part,’ concludes the General. ‘I pray that today and all days that you are blessed, because we are blessed by you.’
The message can be watched online at and on The Salvation Army’s international Facebook and Twitter channels.
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