Go Forward! Come and be a part of something big…

In 2017, The Salvation Army kicks off a campaign that will support and encourage Salvationists to connect with each other, celebrate the work being done all around the world and equip them with tools and tips along the way, now and into the future. The Whole World Mobilising app and website will provide real-time updates on mobilisation activities, practical coaching community and global prayer.

Join a global community with local impact

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people are served by The Salvation Army world-wide. With thousands of local ministries spread across 128 countries, it can be hard to readily see the impact your service is having. But imagine an app where you can see every open air meeting, every march of witness, every prayer request and every other evangelical activity happening in real-time, on a single global map.

Surround yourself with love and support

When we live our lives in service of the Gospel, down in the trenches, it can sometimes feel as if we are alone. One of the primary goals of this campaign is to build community around your mission activities. We want Salvationists around the world to understand the host of people working alongside them to reach people with the most valuable commodity we have: the knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ.

Become a Disciple

Tracking daily prayer, Bible reading and outreach can make visible the areas where we can grow. It can pull us into deeper pursuit of the Lord. The simple act of recording what God is doing in and around us on a daily basis can cause us to be deeply thankful and enrich our spiritual discipline.

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