In the state of emergency, from 15 March to 21 of April, All Region took responsibility to take care of vulnerable people. Especially lonely elderly people above 70 years and single mothers with children, who do not have anyone to help them. The young voluntary people with corps officer give food and hygiene goods those people once a week during state of emergency.
The fact that we immediately reacted and came to people with help was unexpected for them. And people were very grateful, because they were at a loss due to the situation, and absolutely everyone sincerely thanked and said that the help was very timely. Many retirees in the family left the rest of the members unemployed and people in despair how to live on.
We thank God that we had the opportunity to bring families not only food, but also the hope that they are not alone! Through this ministry, people received product support, encouragement and warmth! Many asked us to visit and spend some time with them. It was noticeable how they missed the Church and lively fellowship. And the greatest joy is that our Heavenly Father was glorified in all this! In these difficult days, we are obliged to bring the light and love of Christ to people!