Emergency Response Training in Bucharest, Eastern Europe Territory

Eastern Europe Territory held a fruitful and very relevant these days emergency response training. This event took place in Bucharest, capital of Romania, and lasted several days. We were glad to have attendees from all Divisions and Region that constitute Eastern Europe Territory.

Joint learning and the training outcome are very important for all the participants, as our world is constantly changing. The most terrible change affected entire Eastern Europe Territory when on February 24, 2022, the war broke out in Ukraine. As a result, the Eastern Europe Territory mobilized its Divisions and Region in order to respond to the challenges that arose with the large influx of refugees at the borders with Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia.

It can be proudly stated that Salvationists were on the frontline helping Ukrainians fleeing the horror of war. Millions of Ukrainian people became refugees, they were confused and scared. Their eyes expressed fear, despair, tears and hunger. Salvationists met and reassured people at the borders, feeding, clothing, heating, resettling and simply listening to the terrible stories of everyone who escaped and saved their family, children, and parents.

The past year has brought a lot of experience into difficult conditions for each Division and Region. A series of seminars during the Training was a platform where the participants shared their acquired experience. That was very useful for the Eastern Europe Territory personnel development. 

All the experience gained allowed  Salvationists to maintain control over the situation, this helped Ukrainians to survive physically, emotionally and spiritually even during the most difficult emergency situations.

The experience gained during the past year turned into methodology development and completing new procedures as a joint effort of the Salvationists in Eastern Europe Territory.

Author: Ivan Berezkin

The territory of Eastern Europe