Children’s Ministry in Ukraine Division

The Salvation Army in Ukraine conducts Children’s Ministry in conditionally safe cities because Ukraine lives in war conditions. This is very necessary for both children and parents. It is one of the peaceful life attributes that sustains childhood. Children and young people draw, play sports, sing, dance, and attend interesting excursions. Bright colors began to appear in children’s drawings because of sincere support that comes from Salvationists in Ukraine. Some children no longer have their homes, have lost their relatives. The Salvation Army  in Ukraine provides essential practical assistance to the children and parents. It heals their war-wounded souls. Prayer and emotional support provide strength and confidence to live on.

Children started this school year in Ukraine with brand new backpacks and school supplies. Multifaceted children’s ministry is building a happy future.

The scouting movement, which unites the children and Salvationists in Ukraine Division, helps to form character and change life for the better, because the physical, intellectual, and spiritual development of children is the key to their active restoration of the country and the creation of a better society where God’s Love and Harmony reign.

Children and young people enjoy food cooking masterclasses. It is very good when a child learns to cook. Cooking skills give stability and confidence, as everything will be fine with a person who knows how to cook. After all, food is important. The Salvation Army in Ukraine holds masterclasses on cooking traditional Ukrainian cuisine, as well as cuisine that have entered our lives from other countries. This is very important for children and youth, because food has no borders, food unites, food develops, food saves lives – this is what Ukrainians have learned from their experience since the beginning of the horrors of war.

This week, scouts of The Salvation Army in Kropyvnytskyi Corps learned how to make delicious ginger cookies. Young people learned that the tradition of baking gingerbread came to Ukraine not so long ago. But it has already won the favor of many Ukrainians. Such delicacies are prepared in a very simple way, from available products. This masterclass was fun and useful. The youth were delighted to learn how to bake gingerbread, which is very popular in Europe, especially during the New Year holidays. The young people also learned that gingerbread became widely known in 1793.

“Learn, read and learn from others, and don’t shy away from your own…” – these are the words of Taras Shevchenko, an outstanding Ukrainian poet, prose writer, playwright, artist, political and public figure, who was a man of universal gifts and interests, they are relevant even everywhere the prism of time. When young people respect the language and culture of their country, they are able to enrich themselves with the culture of other peoples and countries. And they would be able to build a just, technologically developed society in which all people are happy. Because this is how God created the world.

Words by Ivan Berezkin Ivan

The Salvation Army

Eastern Europe Territory