Children’s Ministry in Moldova Division

Children’s ministry in Moldova Division is quite multifaceted: spiritual, educational – from learning English and computer literacy to cooking skills, sports events and a lot more. Youth Club is also very successful in Moldova Division, where young people have an opportunity to discuss various topic, such as “Relationships and marriage”. The scouting movement is also developing strongly.

The Salvation Army in Moldova held a number of interesting and exciting summer camps for children and youth. It was a great opportunity to get together for worshiping, communication and praying.

Every event had its own name and was dedicated to a specific theme – “I believe”, “In search of treasures”, etc. Children and young people had an opportunity to make new friends, obtain new knowledge – all that delivered unforgettable impressions and relax. There were many activities available during summer camps, such as songs by the fire, reflections, hiking, sports competitions and well-deserved prizes. All of the above made the rest bright and unforgettable.

A common future is when there is no other person’s trouble. From the first day, when Ukrainian families began to save their children from the horrors of war, The Salvation Army in Moldova opened their hearts and rallied under the slogan “Salvation Army for Children from Ukraine.” The war has destroyed and still destroys many lives. Salvationists always pray for peace and bring Love to places where there is none, and this is the Love of Jesus.

Childhood should be happy, but some children remained orphans. Ukrainian families found themselves on the verge of survival. Salvationists in Moldova provide any possible assistance to the people in need 24/7.

In collaboration with the local authorities, Moldova Division supports Ukrainian women and children, provide them clothes, food, hygiene products and help with laundry services. Spiritual and emotional support is very important for people who are in a state of despair and uncertainty.

Many Ukrainian children went to schools in Moldova with all the necessary school supplies and backpacks provided by Moldova Division. Children are delighted, parents are happy to see their children happy. Hope and Faith in a just Future, where there are no sirens and explosions, deaths of people and children, where only God’s Love reigns, returns to the hearts of parents and children.

May God bless the Salvation Army of Moldova in their ministry!

Words by Ivan Berezkin

The Salvation Army

Eastern Europe Territory