Children’s Ministry in Georgia Division

We believe that children are gifts from God to our families. It is true that they come to this word through us, but each of them is the creation of God and not our possessions. We wish every child to find their own calling and place in society and live in a safe, non-discriminatory environment, and be protected from violence and crime. Regardless of social status, every child has the equal rights to receive education as well as discover and grasp their own talents. It is for this purpose that the Salvation Army develops the Children’s Ministry in various directions.

Ponichala Corps Children’s Ministry unites Saturday Children’s Club and Sunday school. The children from 5 to 13 years old are invited to come to the meetings where they are divided into age groups. The teachers prepare them to participate in a variety of cultural and educational activities, teach them the Bible stories in a language they understand, and teach them how to play musical instruments. Hikes, sightseeing excursions, and summer camps help children to develop their spiritual, emotional, and personal skills.

In the new generation, we see the future. We care and pray that they grow up to be full-fledged people and Christians who trust God.

If you would like to provide financial support for the development of the Children’s Ministry, please follow the link below.

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May the Lord bless you abundantly!