Wish Tree

From December 1st to December 31, 2020 you see the extraordinarily decorated Christmas Trees in the branches of East Point and Tbilisi Mall as well as Carrefour. The little ones’ Christmas wish cards, instead of baubles, decorate the Christmas tree twigs. This is The Salvation Army Social Project on Christmas Season. Wish Tree or as[…]

Session Cadets “Messengers of Reconciliation” (2020-2022)

Marina Yegorova “Kropyvnytskyi” Corps  Training place in “Kiev Mayak” Corps Ukraine Teona Jikia “Ponichala” Corps  Training place “Samgori” Corps Georgia Alexey Bolgar “Dubossary” Corps  Training place “Chisinau Central” Corps Moldova Madona Mizilini “Ponichala” Corps  Training place “Tbilisi Central” Corps Georgia Alexander Porozhnyuk “New Balti” Corps  Training place “Drochia” Corps Moldova Maria Gavrilova (Porozhnyuk) “New Balti”[…]